Is technology is good or bad?

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As we all know nowdays technology is leading the world. Today every country wants to make itself strong in the world of technology. Without technology we are nothing. Like coin has two faces, technology also has two faces. One is good and other is bad.


Good effect of technology:

There are lots of technologies which makes our lives easier and comfortable.

  • Technology in healthcare sector helps people in many ways. It helps in monitoring the health of people. Through technology we can meet doctors virtually. There are lots of doctor consulting apps which helps people to take consult from doctor and it saves time.
  • Technology improves eduacation system. We can find everything online. There are lots of online learning platforms for everyone.

Bad effect of technology:

  • It makes people lazy.
  • Due to excessive use of technology there is less people interaction due to which personal relationships of people affected.
  • It makes people addicted to the technology like mobile phones, vedio games, and many more. 
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